Marine Insurance

An insurance against risk connected with navigation, transportation or any stage in the preparation for shipment to which a ship, cargo, freightage, profit or other insurance interest that are movable and may be exposed during a certain voyage, shipment, transit or stage of preparation for a fixed period of time.

  • Marine cargo
  • Inlad marine
  • Marine Hull
  • Aviation

The Marine Cargo insurance policy is designed to insure merchandise from the time it leaves the seller’s premises until it reaches the buyer. It encompasses all modes of conveyances, be it by land, sea, or air. It covers both inter-island and international voyages. The standard coverage provided under the Marine Cargo Insurance policy is:

  • Physical loss or damage to insured goods, which may result in either total loss (actual or constructive to the insured's property) or partial damage (known as particular average)
  • Expenses to prevent or reduce loss (sue and labor)
  • Forwarding charges for goods discharged short of destination as a result of an insured peril
  • General Average or the sacrifice of one person's goods in order to save a venture; the sacrifice will be made well by those whose goods are saved.during a certain voyage

The Inland Marine insurance policy is an insurance coverage that covers the cargo moved by any motorized carriage via land transportation incidental to any sea or air voyage. The standard coverage provided under the Inland Marine Insurance policy is:

    1. Truck Risk Clause
    2. Robbery & Hijacking

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